1. middle school dance music bumpin in forest 080! Come by to enjoy some great company and even better sean kingston music!


  2. Knowing you are completely alone is the worst feeling any human being can experience in their entire life.


  3. Theres days when I seriously wonder where we’ll be 5 years from now.


  4. Oh and by the way, no sum of money can ensure legitimate happiness. You can be a multimillionaire and still be the most miserable person on earth.


  5. You can risk at all for someone but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself are they really worth it?


  6. I’m not really religious but I hope this is all part of some sort of plan.


  7. Life is supposed to be about living life without regrets but unfortunately I’m living with too many to count


  8. Theres those days where your mind can’t escape things… I guess the best option is to turn to music


  9. desperate cries for attention are disgusting

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